Progressive lubrication

Flowing grease plant in progressive distributor design and monitoring

Piston pumps and progressive distributors for fluid grease - central lubrication Applications
The piston pump with progressive distributor is a safe, controllable alternative to single-line pumps for conveying fluid greases of NLGI classes 000-00-0 in centralized lubrication systems.
The piston pump, time-controlled, feeds the flow grease quantity to the corresponding progressive distributors, which individually and successively supply each lubrication point with flow grease.
The important and decisive difference to the piston pump with piston distributor is that this system can be checked for functional reliability by installing a monitoring system.
If the progressive distributor is unable to push out the lubricant at a lubrication point, e.g. the sliding bearing has seized or the pipeline to the lubrication point is jammed, the progressive distributor cannot continue to operate and signals a fault with the monitoring system. The PLC of the system switches to fault and the fault must be eliminated.
The piston pump type SSG-D1 in connection with the progressive distributor DU offers a complete unit.
The piston pump with 1 kg of fluid grease and 24 V DC drive line create the basis for a system with up to 20 lubrication points.
The progressive distributors provide the lubrication points with the appropriate lubricant.