Single-line lubrication

Single-line pumps and piston distributors for intermeshing oil - central lubrication systems

Single-line lubrication systems are used to centrally supply several lubrication points with a precise metered amount of lubricant. The single-line system is used for both small and large machines and replaces the lubricant lost through evaporation and ageing. Each lubrication point can be allocated a specific quantity of lubricant with the aid of individually exchangeable metering heads. Essentially, the central lubrication system consists of a single-line pump and a piston distributor as well as the main pipe and lubrication point lines.

Single-line pumps are used in lubrication systems of different machines and plants. The application spectrum ranges from machine tools and plastics machines to escalators, compressors and wind turbines to printing, textile and packaging machines. For example, the gear pumps of the SMUS and YET series can be used for discharge systems. These are predestined for use in intermittently operated central lubrication systems.