Single-line lubrication

Pump units and distributors for fluid grease single-line lubrication

Single-line pumps and piston distributors for intermittent flow grease central lubrication systems
The gear pump units YAG and YAM have proven their worth for conveying fluid greases of NLGI classes 000-00-0 in intermittently operated central lubrication systems.
Identical to the oil system designs, the basic version of the fluidized grease units has, in addition to the gear pump, motor, pressure relief and unloading valve, a plastic or metal container for storing the lubricant.
The fluid grease pump units are fully equipped and leave nothing to be desired

  •     pressure gauge for visual pressure monitoring of the main line
  •     Pressure switch for electrical pressure monitoring
  •     Level switch
  •     Pressure switch / intermediate lubrication switch
  •     Time control

From all available motor voltages, a choice can be made between 24 V DC, 110 V AC and 230 V AC.

The suitable lubricant distributors, such as the piston distributor type DG with distributor strip shown here, complement the complete flow grease central lubrication system.
The type DG with distributor strip offer the following advantages:

  •     1 to 9 lubrication points mounted on one distributor strip
  •     dosages from 0.06 to 0.5 cm³/stroke
  •     complete with screw connection for Ø 4 mm outlet

The type DG compact offer the following advantages:

  •     2 to 6 lubrication points compactly pre-assembled
  •     dosages from 0.3 to 0.5 cm³/stroke
  •     complete with screw connection for Ø 4 mm outlet